From Pregnancy to Baby and Beyond

Were you diagnosed with HIV while pregnant?

Are you having a baby after diagnosis?

Are you living with HIV and planning to start a family?

You are not alone. Over 1,200 women living with HIV give birth in the UK every year. Although pregnancy is usually a joyful occasion, we know it can be a challenging time, especially when you are living with HIV.

Our From Pregnancy to Baby and Beyond programme can provide you with emotional and practical support to help you start a healthy, happy family, including information around reducing the risk of passing on HIV as well as answer questions you may have about HIV treatment. We also support men living with HIV planning to start families as well as sero-different (HIV negative) partners (women and men) of people living with HIV.


Mentor Mothers

Our Mentor Mothers are women who have been through the pregnancy journey whilst living with HIV themselves. They are trained to provide a comprehensive package of emotional and practical support around all aspects of the pregnancy journey, including talking about HIV to others, treatment, delivery options, and aftercare.

Preliminary findings report

Read the report of the preliminary findings from an evaluation of the pilot programme, August 2011.

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Pregnancy Journey Guide:

This booklet answers many of the frequently asked questions about HIV and pregnancy. It is also designed to help you have a healthy, happy journey through pregnancy to baby and beyond.

Download the Pregnancy Journey Guide

Let’s Talk Babies

Our new group for mothers and toddlers meets every month with activities to support you and child’s development. Activities will include talks on you and your child’s health, accessing nurseries, playtime for children and a series of outings. Dates below…

Pregnancy Journey Workshops

Our workshops are facilitated by women living with HIV and cover key topics including:

  • Preconception: Planning for health and safe conception
  • Pregnancy: What happens during pregnancy and interventions to prevent onward transmission of HIV to your baby and/or partner
  • Delivery: What options are available and when certain delivery methods are used
  • Aftercare: Of mother and baby


Contact Us

If you have questions, concerns, need support, or just want to speak to other women who have been through the pregnancy journey whilst living with HIV, then please contact us.

Phone: 02077130444



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