Service User Forum: Shaping Our Support

Service User Forum: Shaping Our Support

We seek your ideas so we can better shape our support Positively UK Service User Forum provides a space for all people accessing our services to meet and discuss issues that are important to them. The Service User Forum is an integral part of shaping Positively UK’s strategic directions and services design. It is an opportunity to check with each other and understand what services Positively UK should provide at this critical time. Join our next Service User Forum and share your opinion on what HIV services are needed amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.  When: 10th June from 3pm You can receive a Zoom link for the event by e-mailing our Volunteer Coordinator, David King:
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Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra as a tool to balance us in body, mind and soul

Stephan Hein is a holistic health & wellbeing practitioner and yoga teacher who leads Yoga Nidra classes for our gay men group. We caught up with him, to hear his thoughts on dealing with the current situation, and his tips and ideas for good health and resilience.  While, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic is a dramatic and scary global situation, what positive thoughts can you share at this time? We certainly live in unprecedented times that can feel scary especially because nobody knows what the future holds. Anxiety and depression have taken on epidemic proportions.  At the same time we are forced to reach out into the unknown for new solutions. So how do we best support ourselves? Well, first of all I want to quote from the wisdom of yoga that states that we are NOT our emotions nor the mental states from which all our emotions emerge. When
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How to Survive a Pandemic: Fear, Vulnerability and Resilience

How to Survive a Pandemic: Fear, Vulnerability and Resilience

From Silvia Petretti, Positively UK's CEO One of the most powerful feelings I have been forced to face again during this new pandemic is the ‘fear of contagion’; the sense that our bodies are potentially contaminated, and dangerous. As a woman with HIV this has brought back the dark emotions of the days of my own diagnosis in the late 90’s. My body had become my enemy, and I felt an irrational sense of disgust towards myself, as I imagined the virus crawling inside me. Especially the first few weeks after my diagnosis, I was scared for my family, as I was living with my dad and 97 years old grandmother. I spent weeks locked in my room crying, and disinfecting the bathroom every time I used it!  I did not believe yet that you cannot pass HIV via toilets! I remember recoiling from hugging my best friend, when
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C4P toolkit

The Catwalk4Power Toolkit is here!

The Catwalk4Power toolkit is a creative guide for women with HIV and their allies . Visit the toolkit page where we share knowledge and experience on working together so that you can create your very own empowering catwalk event. The toolkit will take you through a series of ‘Struts’ - the sassy steps we have used to create our Catwalks in London, Brighton, and Manchester between 2017 and 2019. These struts can be adapted to the circumstances of any groups of women regardless where they are.
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