Women Know Best

Women Know Best Report

Key findings of this report:
  • Improve the mental health of women living with HIV by providing well integrated health and social care services, including peer support, which address holistically the specific needs of women.
  • Commission innovative projects that promote the active and meaningful engagementof women living with HIV in the design and delivery of policy and programmes at community and national levels.
  • Train frontline health and social care staff in recognising signs ...
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Gay & Bisexual Men’s Project Evaluation Report

The evaluation’s key findings included:
  • The project improved people’s ability to live with HIV as a chronic condition. For most, reported self-satisfaction with their life increased markedly after accessing the services
  • Provision of information by the project was a key component in helping many to deal with their emotional challenges and accept their status, this being gained more through trust in others lived experience, rather than scientific or medical ...
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Reach Project Evaluation

The Reach Project Evaluation This evaluation aimed to explore the components & processes by which the peer support service delivered by Positively UK enables people living with HIV to improve and/or maintain their engagement with clinical services. Key areas for investigation included:
  • Behaviour change and management influenced by client engagement with peer support services
  • Interaction between peer support and other services
  • The extent to which peer support services are ...
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Realising the Value – Animated Video

This animation sets out what person- and community-centred approaches in health and care are and some of the many benefits they bring. It was developed by the Realising the Value programme in collaboration with Positively UK and other local partner sites across the country, drawing on the real-life experience of the people they work with ...
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Realising the value: Ten key actions to put people and communities at the heart of health and wellbeing

This report sets out what the Realising the Value programme found about the difference person- and community-centred approaches can make – and what needs to happen to support their successful implementation and spread. We want a health and care system that listens to what is important to people and works with them to build the best care to meet their goals. A system in which excellent clinical and social ...
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Making it happen: Practical learning and tips from the five Realising the Value local partner sites

This catalogue of learning forms part of a final package of recommendations and resources from the Realising the Value programme. Over the course of the last 18 months, we have sought to consolidate what is known about person- and community-centred approaches for health and wellbeing and make recommendations on how they can have maximum impact. While there is significant breadth and variety across person- and community-centred approaches, they are ...
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