Positively UK provides peer-led support, advocacy and information to women, men and young people living with HIV to manage any aspect of their diagnosis, care and managing life with HIV. Working in partnership with the NHS our peer work is integrated at clinics across London. We also provide outreach in prisons across London reaching some of the most vulnerable affected by HIV. We run a range of peer-led support groups for women, heterosexual men and women, gay men and African communities. Our programme of workshops support people with a new HIV diagnosis, those managing pregnancy and develop self-management skills.

We believe that people living with HIV are best placed to advocate for their own needs. To achieve this we promote patient leadership through skills building initiative such as our Taking Part programme in London. Nationally we co-ordinate PozFem-UK, the network of women living with HIV and co-ordinate the biennial Conference of People Living with HIV. Positively UK is a stakeholder of NHS England’s Clinical Reference Group for HIV and a strategic partner of the Department of Health through the Women’s Health and Equality Consortium. Staff are community representations of the Independent Advisory Group on AIDS, the British HIV Nurses Association and UKCab.

Our Vision

A nation where every single person living with HIV can access the best possible advice and support for the best possible health.

Our Ambition

Peer led support to all people living with HIV in the UK by 2020.

Meet the Team

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About Positively UK - Support for people living with HIV, From people living with HIV

Our History

In 1987 two women living with HIV, finding that no services for women existed, took matters into their own hands, placing hand-drawn posters at clinics and inviting other women to meet in their living room. From this the charity Positively Women, was founded, with its ethos of peer led support. Over time new communities came to us seeking peer-led support including parents, heterosexual men, newly diagnosed gay men, and young people. Today we still we believe that the emotional & practical needs of people living with HIV can only be truly understood and addressed by the meaningful involvement of people living with HIV. Now Positively UK, our peer support services for women, men and young people sit alongside our campaigning and policy work to improve services and care for people living with HIV in the UK.

Our Values

  • Champions:

    We stand up for the dignity and rights of anybody with or affected by HIV

  • Supporters:

    We provide people living with HIV practical and emotional support to help live a fulfilling life free from isolation

  • Commitment:

    We don’t say, we act. We believe in the active involvement of people living with HIV in developing and delivering services and policy

  • Passionate:

    Nobody cares more or is more committed to developing a confident and positive future for people living with or affected by HIV

  • Practical:

    Our advice and support are practical and of immediate benefit

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