Straight Men

If you’re a straight man living with HIV, Positively UK can offer support that’s right for you.

With our 1-to-1 peer led support we’ll match you with a peer mentor who has been through similar issues as you. Whether it’s coming to terms with a new diagnosis, emotional support, managing treatments, practical issues, or you just want someone to talk to –
We can help. We are positive.

Our Services for Straight Men

Str8 Talk

A mixed heterosexual support group with an informal and relaxed attitude where members are free to say as little, or as much, as they wish. Find out more in the support group calendar to the right.

Starting a Family

Our From Pregnancy to Baby and Beyond programme provides parents affected by HIV with the information and support to start healthy, happy families. Our mentors, who deliver the programme, have all had children whilst living with HIV themselves and can support you around all aspects of planning parenthood, from conception to post-natal care.

Fine more about From Pregnancy to Baby and Beyond programme.

We can help you with:

  • An HIV diagnosis
  • Sexual health
  • Relationships
  • Starting a family
  • Social Services
  • HIV treatment and adherence
  • Disclosure
  • Finance and benefits
  • Immigration
  • Housing

Latest Straight Men stories

James' Story

James’ Story

James Globally, there are 37 million people living with HIV. I am one of them and I want to share my story. I was diagnosed HIV positive in the summer of 1996, aged 25. I got my diagnosis very early, within weeks of the original exposure. I have never suffered
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Mario's Story

Mario’s Story

Mario I moved to this country approximately 6 years ago and work as a nurse for the NHS in a very prestigious London hospital. I have lived most of this time in south west London where a big part of the gay community use drugs or ‘chemsex’ as a way
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Jamie's Story

Jamie’s Story

Jamie Watch Jamie talk about his story It was November 2014, and the Terrence Higgins Trust were doing a drive on Facebook for home testing kits for HIV. I've always practised safe sex, but like to get tested every 6 months, because accidents happen. Very soon it became all too
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Ismael's Story

Ismael’s Story

Ismael Hi I’m Ismael, and I’ve been HIV positive since 2013. I had the news when I was doing my twice yearly routine blood test. I didn’t know what HIV meant at that time. So I had to learn what´s that? And how to deal with it. Not a big
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Roland's Story

Roland’s Story

Roland Watch Roland talk about his story I was given my diagnosis on 1 September 2006. My partner had to give me the diagnosis. I was given two weeks to live. I was HIV+. I had AIDS. My AIDS-defining illness was Progressive Multi-focal Leukoencephalytis, a brain disease. The first person
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