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Peer support is a relationship in which people see each other as equal partners and where the focus is on mutual learning and growth.

Peer Support Training: Connecting for support

We are committed to training people living with HIV to become volunteer peer supporters and leaders of peer services.

We are an accredited training provider with the Open College Network and have trained over 700 peer mentors through our national training programme, Project 100. Our peer support volunteers have access to our 3-day training programme and two nationally recognized qualifications: Peer Mentoring and HIV Treatment Literacy. Many of our partner organisations across the UK have now employed people living with HIV in key service delivery roles as a result of partnering with us and receiving training through Project 100.

We are building on the legacy of Project 100 by strengthening existing partnerships and learning opportunities with voluntary and clinical services across the UK. We are equally committed to expanding our reach and developing new partnerships with other health and care organisations to support the development and delivery of peer support within their own services.

Positively UK can provide tailored training support and resources for interested partners – contact for further information.

Peer Support has been my manual on how to live well with HIV.
Project 100 Mentee

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plants swap


A plant swap is exactly what is sounds like - a get together to swap plants with fellow gardeners. Join our Seeds garden enthusiasts and exchange seeds, cuttings and transplants from your own garden or gardening allotment with others! The event is organized by The Seeds project as part of the "Festivity of Activities " London Fast Track IAPAC conference. Where: Wednesday, 12 September, 2pm - 4pm When: Calthorpe Community Gardens, WC1X 8LH ...
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Strategy Consultation for people with HIV

Positively UK Forum: Strategy Consultation

As part of our new strategy, we will host a consultation to collect views and ideas of all living with HIV.Come and tell us:What services do you enjoy most?What services do we need to provide to improve the lives of people with HIV?What else can Positively UK do to ensure you are confident and knowledgeable, and have the resources to manage your health and wellbeing?When: Wednesday, 4th September, 6pm - 8pm Where: Positively UK, 14 Chillingworth ...
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Women Know Best

Women Know Best Report

Key findings of this report: Improve the mental health of women living with HIV by providing well integrated health and social care services, including peer support, which address holistically the specific needs of women. Commission innovative projects that promote the active and meaningful engagementof women living with HIV in the design and delivery of policy and programmes at community and national levels. Train frontline health and social care staff in recognising signs of violence and introduce screening and ...
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