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The Sailing & Cruising Association

We are a dynamic sailing and powerboat club for LGBT+ people, their families and friends. Active since 1980, the club is open to anyone who wants to get afloat with like-minded people.

The Sailing and Cruising Association has its roots in the days when Gay Liberation was the buzz word; the annual Gay Pride March in London was a platform for increasing visibility and several supportive social groups had sprung from the Campaign for Homosexual Equality, especially in London. These groups often had to be discreet about their existence in the days when there was no Internet, no legal recognition of gay and lesbian partnerships and the age of consent for gay men was 21. Initial contact with one's chosen group was often made by writing to a private mail box and members were referred to by first names and / or initials.
In the 1970s most of these groups were general interest and social; a way of meeting other gay and lesbian people at members' homes for coffee evenings and in private bars at pubs. There were a handful of specialist groups but usually these were based upon fetishes and only a very few were based upon a non-sexual interest in sporting or outdoor activities.

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