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Positive 21

Positive21 is a progressive support group, created with the sole aim of providing emotional support and a confidential discussion and advice outlet to gay, bisexual and MSM men of all ages living with HIV/AIDS.

Positive21 is a peer support/self-help group, rather than a counselling group, the aim of which is to share and offer moral support, information and advice in a confidential and safe environment to people with HIV. The group embraces traditional support group procedures, whilst addressing the many issues and concerns faced in the 21st century. The main focus of Positive21 is on the emotional aspect of living with HIV—be it newly diagnosed or long term. As a result of contnuing funding cuts, both by Local Government and the NHS, it is proving increasingly difficult to find the range of services offered by Positive21. We are a registered charity and all our funding comes from private donations and fund raising events and is therefore unaffected by funding cuts.

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