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I Want Great Care

"Rating health services. Making it easy for patients to provide feedback on their care"

Making it easy for patients to provide feedback on their care

  • iWantGreatCare lets patients leave meaningful feedback on their care, say thank you and help the next patient
  • It’s a service that is independent, secure and trusted by patients, doctors and hospitals
  • Feedback is provided on doctors, dentists, hospitals, GP practices, medicines, pharmacies and nursing homes to ensure problems get fixed

Trusted, independent information to help others find great care

  • Read the honest, direct feedback of patients like you when looking for care for yourself or your family
  • Compare ratings and reviews of doctors, dentists and care services
  • Totally independent, you can be confident that comments have not been edited and represent true patient opinion
  • Robust systems detect abuse or other manipulation, ensuring you can trust what you read

Detailed patient experience as outcomes for providers and commissioners

  • iWantGreatCare works with NHS and independent providers and commissioners to provide the most detailed, accurate and timely monitoring of patient experience
  • Bespoke solutions capture data online and offline in multiple languages, in all care settings and across integrated care pathways
  • Quantitative and qualitative feedback for organisations, departments, wards and clinics gives real insight with data that actually allow continuous improvement and is proven to engage front-line clinical teams
  • Commissioners and providers alike benefit from highly granular, comparative reporting with data that can be used to create, monitor and inform true outcomes-based commissioning