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Gay4Play is all about getting beyond the bars, we have all been there, at a club or bar thinking this isn’t the best way to meet the people you want to get to know. So in response to this challenge we have all had, Gay4Play was formed to facilitate groups of like minded people in doing events that they would otherwise not be doing.

We are an events organisation that 100% focuses on the LGBTI community. This means outside of Pride you have a chance to socialise with like minded people going Kayaking, to the movies to watch the latest blockbuster or how about a big day out doing an amazing Wine Tour. We do it all.

We bring adventure for gays, lesbians and their friends throughout London and beyond. We do the things you want to do but never get around to doing. If you have thought of it we probably do it or its planned for the near future. Come join the fun we are, after all, a friendly bunch.

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