Case Studies

Women living with HIV

Maria’s Story

I got HIV while I was in a relationship and I am an example that HIV can actually happen to anyone no matter if you fall in any of the categories or have behaviours considered at risk. When disclosing to different people as much as I found support I also felt many thought that they were not at risk of getting HIV as somehow they felt it only affects people from certain ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations or those who have promiscuous behaviours.
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Sue's Story

Sue’s Story

Mario's Story

Mario’s Story

Jamie's Story

Jamie’s Story

Ismael's Story

Ismael’s Story

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James' Story

James’ Story

James Globally, there are 37 million people living with HIV. I am one of them and I want to share my story. I was diagnosed HIV positive in the summer of 1996, aged 25. I got my diagnosis very early, within weeks of the original exposure. I have never suffered a day of ill health because of HIV, except for an exceptionally severe migraine shortly after infection, which was, most ...
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Testing Positive: David's Story

Testing Positive: David’s Story

Testing Positive Many people don’t test for HIV because they’re scared of a positive result, they don’t think HIV affects them or they don’t think they’ve been at risk or are vulnerable to HIV. In support of National HIV Testing Week 18-24 November 2017, Positively UK wants to remove the fear and stigma of testing for HIV. During National HIV Testing Week we will be sharing the stories of seven ...
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