Case Studies

Women living with HIV

Maria’s Story

I got HIV while I was in a relationship and I am an example that HIV can actually happen to anyone no matter if you fall in any of the categories or have behaviours considered at risk. When disclosing to different people as much as I found support I also felt many thought that they were not at risk of getting HIV as somehow they felt it only affects people from certain ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations or those who have promiscuous behaviours.
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Sue's Story

Sue’s Story

Mario's Story

Mario’s Story

Jamie's Story

Jamie’s Story

Ismael's Story

Ismael’s Story

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Positively UK

Hearing Your Views, Shaping Our Direction

We are starting the process of renewing our five-year strategy and want to ensure that we hear the views of everyone we work with, including: people living with HIV who use our services,   our volunteers and  trained peer mentors, partner organisations and clinics across the UK. We would also like to hear from anyone living with HIV in the UK, who hasn't used our services or participated in our training ...
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Gay & Bisexual Men's Project Evaluation Report

Gay & Bisexual Men’s Project Evaluation Report

The evaluation’s key findings included:
  • The project improved people’s ability to live with HIV as a chronic condition. For most, reported self-satisfaction with their life increased markedly after accessing the services
  • Provision of information by the project was a key component in helping many to deal with their emotional challenges and accept their status, this being gained more through trust in others lived experience, rather than scientific or medical ...
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