The International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD) is a global peer-based organisation that seeks to promote the health and defend the rights of people who use drugs. INPUD will expose and challenge stigma, discrimination, and the criminalisation of people who use drugs and its impact on the drug-using community’s health and rights. INPUD will achieve this through processes of empowerment and advocacy at the international level, while supporting empowerment and advocacy at community, national and regional levels.

Harm Reduction is (in this context) a pragmatic approach to drug use that aims to meet users where they are. This involves giving advice to improve the health situation of the individual without forcing the need for change.

This doesn’t mean not trying to help people stop using drugs it just means that the focus is on working with the immediate issues as a priority (eg overdose interventions, wound care etc… you know.. the stuff that helps people stay alive). You can find out more about harm reduction on the website of Harm Reduction International.

Range of Harm Reduction materials incl on HIV, Hep B/C, overdose prevention and sefer injecting practise aimed at drug users and service providers.

This website supports the harm reduction works campaign materials. The campaign was developed by Exchange Supplies for the National Treatment Agency as part of the implementation of the Department of Health publication Reducing Drug Related Harm: An Action Plan. The plan commits to reducing the burden of illness and death caused by illicit drug use through improved surveillance of service provision, improved delivery of harm reduction services, and information campaigns aimed at drug users and drug service providers.

The campaign materials contain information about HIV; overdose prevention; Safer injecting practice; Hepatitis B and C viruses; the injection of crack cocaine; and femoral or groin injecting.