A safe space for yound people who identify as LGBTQ or who are questioning their sexual or gender identity. Meets in Hackney on a Thursday evening.

Although neuropeptides which generate a feeling of euphoria surges in significant quantities from the brain during strenuous physical activities such as long distance running and rowing, small amounts are also secreted during less demanding sporting activities. The neuropeptides are the reason why we feel particularly great after a solid morning run.

Apart from the feeling of happiness and contentment, the chemicals secreted from the brain also trigger anxiolysis, which is a natural sedative-like effect which reduces depression and anxiety. The combination of these elements ultimately create a sense of well-being that lifts our mood and spirit up, and turn the world into a brighter and more colourful place. A documented secondary effect also includes improvements in blood circulation.

You don’t have to be a Kenyan marathon runner or an Oxford University rower to have a similar experience. Many individual and team sports accord casual practitioners a small fraction of the runner’s high. Not boxing though, or other martial sports – it takes quite a beating before the brain provides neurological rewards.

For individual sports, running is the best way to experience the endorphin rush. After tiredness begins to set in, increase your pace for as long as you can. You will feel a mild sense of elation throughout the day. Cycling offers the same reward, but triggering a similar effect will take a little longer.

Scientists have noted that endorphin secretions grow noticeably higher in team sports. The social dynamics of team sports plays a factor here. Obviously, physically demanding sports like football, basketball and tennis will generate similar feel-good factor. Surprisingly, however, less demanding sports like golf also produce perceptible sense of well-being to participants.

You can dispense with pots of coffee, energy drinks and cigarettes to get you through the day – a good morning workout will do the trick just as well!

The idea of the MeetUp is to host events where we can make new friends, initiate connections and hopefully get an actual date! The MeetUp is for all positive men* whether living with HIV for some years or newly diagnosed and starting to explore dating.

We aim to provide a relaxed space where we can talk easily with other guys, get to know them, and arrange to meet with someone we like on a more personal level.

Positive21 is a progressive support group, created with the sole aim of providing emotional support and a confidential discussion and advice outlet to gay, bisexual and MSM men of all ages living with HIV/AIDS.

Positive21 is a peer support/self-help group, rather than a counselling group, the aim of which is to share and offer moral support, information and advice in a confidential and safe environment to people with HIV. The group embraces traditional support group procedures, whilst addressing the many issues and concerns faced in the 21st century. The main focus of Positive21 is on the emotional aspect of living with HIV—be it newly diagnosed or long term. As a result of contnuing funding cuts, both by Local Government and the NHS, it is proving increasingly difficult to find the range of services offered by Positive21. We are a registered charity and all our funding comes from private donations and fund raising events and is therefore unaffected by funding cuts.

Plus Friends London is for people who are HIV positive, or who have been affected by HIV.

The aim of the Group is to offer support and companionship in a social setting, for meeting like minded people in a relaxed & friendly atmosphere for drinks, dinners, theatre and other events. A great way to expand your social circle and meet new positive friends.

As Europe’s longest-running LGBT+ choir, we have grown and blossomed into a group of over 90 singers since we were first formed on 7 April 1983 for the Lesbian & Gay Pride march in London. At that time, the age of consent was still unequal and AIDS had barely reached the political agenda.

At our core, we are essentially a community choir, made up of incredibly talented people from a diverse range of sexual orientations, gender identities and backgrounds united by a passion for singing great choral music. We perform two main London concerts each year, numerous smaller concerts and sing with other choirs around the UK and the world.

We’re the Pink Singers, a fun, friendly LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans) choir based in London. We’ve been singing since 1983, making us the longest-running LGBT+ choir in Europe!

Pink Ink is a new creative writing group open to all LGBT+ people. There is no need to book, just come along. Second and fourth Thursday of every month from 7pm to 9pm.

The group aims to bring together gay people who are interested in the history and architecture of London and the Home Counties. It has been operating for over a decade. The programme consists mainly of walks in the various districts of London, though there may also be occasional visits to historic properties, museums and gardens.

There is no membership fee nor any charge for the walks. Also, there is no need to book in advance The emphasis is on informality. In summer the walks usually begin at about 2.00 p.m. and in winter at about 1.30 p.m. They normally last about a couple of hours, or so, usually finishing at a convenient pub. (The pub attendance is not compulsory!) Typically 30 plus people attend these walks.

Walks normally start and finish near an Underground, Overground, DLR, or Rail station, though very occasionally a short bus journey may be involved.

Non-scene social group for gay and bisexual men from all backgrounds. Includes trips, guest speakers, games nights and film nights. First and third Thursday of every month 7-9pm.

Personal development events and resources for gay and bi men to meet each other on a deeper level and experience a stronger sense of community.

We call our events ‘adventures in intimacy’ because they give you opportunities to get intimate, try out new things, make connections, step outside of your comfort zone and probably laugh harder than you have for a long time. We hope you find our events supportive, challenging, stimulating and inspiring. That’s all part of the adventure.

We welcome gay and bi men from all walks of life who want to develop their capacity to love other men. Reflecting our own diversity as a group of facilitators, we particularly encourage participation from black and ethnic minority men, HIV positive and negative men, young and older men, trans men and disabled men.