Realising the value: Ten key actions to put people and communities at the heart of health and wellbeing

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017 in Realising the Value

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This report sets out what the Realising the Value programme found about the difference person- and community-centred approaches can make – and what needs to happen to support their successful implementation and spread.

We want a health and care system that listens to what is important to people and works with them to build the best care to meet their goals. A system in which excellent clinical and social care is combined with support that equips people to take an active role in their health and to live as well as possible with health conditions. A system in which people feel in control, valued, motivated and supported.

This is what it means to realise the value of people and communities at the heart of health and wellbeing – a ‘social model’ of health and wellbeing that combines a deep understanding of what matters to people with excellent clinical and social care, timely data and strong, sustained social support.

For this vision to become reality, person- and community-centred ways of working need to become widely understood and valued as core to the whole health and care system, not just ‘nice to have’. They need to be woven into not just the infrastructure of the system but also the culture of how things are done. Every health and care professional needs to understand their role in this way and every health and care service needs to be designed and delivered this way. This will look and feel very different across the system (whether in A&E or wellbeing checks) but there should be a universal commitment to a future in which care that is not person-centred is viewed as a ‘never event’ across the system.

The system has committed to this broad agenda and much work is underway to embed person- and community-centred approaches in national programmes and in the delivery of local services. There now needs to be a step change in ambition, leadership and alignment – combined with sustained implementation – to move from intent to action.

The Realising the Value programme has moved this field on by drawing together the evidence base, establishing new networks and creating practical resources for commissioners, practitioners and others.
We have aimed to build on, amplify and reinforce existing work. We hope the Realising the Value programme will help future work marshal resources to create the transformational shift that is needed.


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