Supporting self-management: A guide to enabling behaviour change for health and wellbeing using person- and community-centred approaches

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017 in Realising the Value

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This guide is for people who support those living with long-term conditions, their carers, families or communities. It summarises practical ways to support people to self manage effectively using person and community-centred approaches. Many of these activities are useful also for people who work to prevent the development of long-term conditions in the first place.

This guide offers two things: a framework for understanding and changing behaviour, and real-world examples of how these changes happen in practice.

A framework for understanding and changing behaviour

This guide uses the Behavioural Insights Team’s EAST framework to organise ideas and examples. It is intended to be a user-friendly and memorable tool for considering the main drivers of behaviour and generating effective approaches for addressing them.

The Realising the Value programme has published an accompanying report that looks at the theories relevant to the ideas outlined in this guide in more depth: Making the change: Behavioural factors in person- and community-centred approaches to health and wellbeing. Readers may find that report useful to read alongside this action-focused guide.

Real-world examples of changing behaviours to spread person- and community-centred approaches

This guide provides examples from the five Realising the Value partner sites, including Positively UK, categorised by the EAST framework. It features a number of low-tech, pragmatic and manageable activities which can increase the spread of person- and community-centred health and wellbeing programmes.

We have taken effective approaches from both academic theory and the five sites and boiled them down to the mechanisms that seem to work most effectively. These are featured in coloured boxes throughout the guide. Practitioners can then incorporate these elements into the design of their own health and wellbeing programmes.


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