Impact and cost: Economic modelling tool for commissioners

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017 in Realising the Value

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The Realising the Value programme has developed an economic modelling tool to help commissioners evaluate the potential impact of investing in person- and community-centred approaches.

The economic modelling undertaken by the Realising the Value programme and detailed in the summary report suggests that implementing person- and community-centred approaches at scale has the potential to contribute to efforts to slow the demand pressures on the system and may yield efficiency savings.
The summary report also suggests how the evidence base can be enhanced in the future, in order to produce more robust modelling and local business cases.

The Realising the Value economic modelling tool allows commissioners to assess the potential impact of commissioning person- and community-centred approaches in their local area. It aims to help people who want to commission these approaches build the business case for doing so.

The tool has been developed in close collaboration with local sites, commissioners and experts in economic modelling and person- and community-centred approaches. It draws on high-quality research evidence as well as data collected from the five Realising the Value local partner sites across the country. These sites are all mature practitioners in the area of person- and community-centred approaches.


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