Project 100

Our vision is for 100% of people living with HIV in the UK to have access to high quality peer support

Living with and managing HIV can be challenging for many people. Whether it’s coming to terms with a new diagnosis, starting or changing treatment, managing relationships or talking about HIV. Peer support has been proven to be an effective way of enabling people with HIV to live well and manage their HIV.

Project 100 is an exciting and ambitious programme that aims to provide all people living with HIV access to peer support wherever they live in the UK.

We will achieve this by training and supporting people living with HIV to become qualified volunteer peer mentors. Volunteers can work towards two recognised vocational qualification, one in peer mentoring and one in HIV Treatment Literacy (via the Open College Network).



We will work in partnership with patient groups, HIV clinics and charities to deliver the project across the UK, providing training and advice to organisations and groups to help establish high-quality peer support services locally.

We have developed National Standards in HIV Peer Support, which informed the British HIV Association Standards of care for people living with HIV 2018. We also developed a resource for organisations setting up their own peer support projects.

You can reach the team by telephone on 020 7713 0444 or by email at


Project 100 is made possible by a grant from The Monument Trust