Positively UK Newsletters

World AIDS Day 2017

Read about the display of the UK AIDS Memorial Quilt in Westminster Hall, and the launch of our new report about the effectiveness and importance of peer support!

November 2017

Read about the success of our bi-annual conference, the expansion of our services with our new youth project and partnership in Camden and Islington, new publications in partnership with i-Base and much more!

August & September 2017

Read about the new qualification from Project 100, the upcoming Between the Sheets workshop about all aspects of sex for women living with HIV, and much more…

National Standards for Peer Support in HIV Launch

This special edition of the newsletter celebrates the launch of the National Standards for Peer Support in HIV, which were produced by Positively UK in partnership with the HIV community, clinical groups including BHIVA and charities such as Terrance Higgins Trust. Read all about the standards and download your copy at hivpeersupport.com.

February & March 2017

Read about the display of the UK AIDS Memorial Quilt in St Paul’s Cathedral, the publication of the final reports from Realising the Value, a new report from the All Party Parliamentary Group on HIV and much more…

October & November 2016

Read about the exciting event we are helping to run at St Paul’s Cathedral displaying the UK’s AIDS Memorial Quilt, our new report on Women’s Mental Health and Wellbeing as part of the Women’s Health & Equality Consortium (WHEC), the Red Run 2016 and much much more…

August & September 2016

In this special edition of our newsletter, we focused on the 21st International AIDS Conference in Durban, looking at what our Top 5 take-home messages from the conference were and featuring a panel discussion contributed to by one of our staff on self-stigma.

June & July 2016

In the Pride edition of our newsletter we talk about Positively UK’s plans to march at Pride London 2016. Also find out about the new cinema night at Positively UK and much more…

April & May 2016

Read about the vital new campaign to #StopHIVCuts, the success of our Women Living with HIV: Our Needs, Our Care, Our Ambitions event, an exciting future for our support of women living with HIV and much more…

February & March 2016

For LGBT History Month read about our support for gay and bisexual men living with HIV, also we announce Positively UK’s involvement in the Realising the Value programme and much more…

December 2015 & January 2016

In the World AIDS Day edition of our newsletter for 2015, read The Manifesto of People Living with HIV, find our about our latest WISE UP+ event for women living with HIV activists, attending a Halve It event at the Houses of Parliament and much more…

October & November 2015

Learn about the great success of One Voice: the National Conference of People Living with HIV, talking about women and sex at our Between the Sheets workshop, the publication of the Women Know Best report and much more…

One Voice Conference and Upcoming Events Special

We had so many events planned for September 2015 that we had to send out a special all about them, including: One Voice: the National Conference of People Living with HIV 2015 and our special workshop about women and sex Between the Sheets.

August & September 2015

Read about the early day motion tabled by Lisa Cameron MP about peer mentoring for people living with HIV. This month we also published our Positive Change report highlighting the existing and new challenges in HIV treatment and care that people living with HIV are facing today. And catch up on Positively UK’s first time marching in London LGBT Pride, and much more…

Project 100 Announcement Special

Read the announcement of our new National programme of Peer Support for people living with HIV: Project 100. This new initiative will run over 4 years and train 1,000 people living with HIV across the UK.

April & May 2015

We were proud to announce that we would again be running the National Conference of People Living with HIV again this year in September, this year with the theme of “One Voice“. We also published our statement on PrEP, in light of the publication of the PROUD and IPERGAY study results, and much more…

PEN Award Winners 2014 Special

We were extremely proud of winning not just one but two Patient Experience Network (PEN) National Awards for 2014. We won in the Personalisation of Care category and Best Overall Third Sector Organisation.

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