Positively Trans

Published on Jun 19, 2017 in Women living with HIV

A new initiative set up by cliniQ and Positively UK called ‘Positively Trans’ is having its launch on the 15th July at our offices. It is set to be a day where trans women living with HIV can meet, chat and have a few hours of pampering. A chance to share experiences or just enjoy being with other women who understand, a chance to make new friends and hear their stories and experiences.

Women’s Rights

Published on Jun 7, 2017 in Women living with HIV

At our Women’s workshop ‘Our Rights’ on 24 June, we will be coming together as women living with HIV to increase our awareness of our rights. It will provide an empowering opportunity to increase our assertiveness and ability to advocate, as well as share stories and ways of overcoming difficulties with other inspirational women. It’s open to all women living with HIV.

Travelling Abroad

Published on May 23, 2017 in Dear Jim

I plan to travel abroad this summer for a holiday but have heard there are some countries that impose restrictions on people living with HIV. How easy is travelling with HIV these days and what should I consider when planning a trip?

Don’t Suffer in Silence

Published on May 22, 2017 in Women living with HIV

Ms A.L.L. is one of the regular participants to our monthly group The Women’s Room. In this blog post, she shares some words of advice on how to deal with domestic violence and the terrible effects it has on our health and self-esteem.

HIV Manifesto 2017

Published on May 16, 2017 in Get Involved

Join us in challenging local candidates to pledge their support for people living with and affected by HIV. The general election is a crucial opportunity to raise the profile of HIV; please add your voice to our campaign.

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