We are recruiting two part-time Case Work Co-ordinators

Published on Mar 14, 2017 in Recruitment

Positively UK are excited to announce that we are recruiting two part-time Case Work Co-ordinators to support people living with HIV through the delivery of our Local Authority Contracts. This is an opportunity to use your knowledge and experience of living with HIV to support others, gain experience working in the field of health and social care and working collaboratively with clinical staff.

Romance Starts at Home

Published on Feb 14, 2017 in Women living with HIV

On Valentine’s Day women with HIV share tips for self-love, dating, learning from past relationships and talking about HIV to partners.

Disclosing to partners

Published on Feb 1, 2017 in Dear Jim

Since I started treatment and got to undetectable I’ve felt a lot better about meeting guys and having sex again. But because I know I’m not infectious, I’m not sure whether I need to tell them about my HIV. What do you think?

Telling family and friends about your HIV

Published on Dec 14, 2016 in Dear Jim

Since my diagnosis in the summer, I’ve told one or two close friends but am finding it hard to be more open about my status and haven’t told my family yet. I’m going home to see them at Christmas and would like them to know but am worried how they’ll react. What shall I do?

Women living with HIV

Maria’s Story

Published on Dec 8, 2016 in Personal Stories - Women

I got HIV while I was in a relationship and I am an example that HIV can actually happen to anyone no matter if you fall in any of the categories or have behaviours considered at risk. When disclosing to different people as much as I found support I also felt many thought that they were not at risk of getting HIV as somehow they felt it only affects people from certain ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations or those who have promiscuous behaviours.

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