Becoming Undetectable

Published on Nov 30, 2016 in Dear Jim

I started HIV treatment a few months ago, and my viral load has just become undetectable. I know this is good news and that there is now virtually no risk of passing on the virus, but I still feel anxious about it and how it will affect my sex life and relationships. Can you help?

HIV and the Menopause

Published on Nov 17, 2016 in Women living with HIV

Shema Tariq, a consultant in HIV at Mortimer Market Centre (London) and an HIV researcher at UCL, talks to Positively UK about the menopause, HIV and the PRIME study.

Sue’s Story

Published on Nov 7, 2016 in Personal Stories - Featured, Personal Stories - Women

My name is Sue and I have been diagnosed with HIV since March 1997, at the age of 25. When I first went to the clinic to ask for a test I was told that I wasn’t in a ‘high risk’ group. As I wasn’t a drug user, I wasn’t having ‘promiscuous’ sex and I was a white European. I still went ahead and had the test and the rest is history.

The UK AIDS Memorial Quilt

Published on Nov 3, 2016 in Get Involved, News

For the first time in 20 years, the UK AIDS Memorial Quilt will be on display to the public at St Paul’s Cathedral, and then at community venues across London, to commemorate the lives of those lost to the AIDS epidemic.

Dealing with a Recent Diagnosis

Published on Oct 21, 2016 in Dear Jim

I was recently diagnosed with HIV, started my meds straight away and thought I was doing OK. But I’m not sure how well I’m really dealing with it or how I’m supposed to feel. Can you advise?

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